Financial support for server

Financial support for server

New postby Def 06 Mar 2011, 16:23


Thanks to this man we have an opportunity to play on our own server - the only adequate fighting, available on PC.
It's would be really wise to thank him not only with words, but with donating, too.

How much money is needed?
There is no final amount, but we promise, that all donations will be used for server development.

How much to donate?
If you can donate 1$ - it is good, if 10$ - it's even better.
The important thing is not only the amount of donation, but the fact of supporting.

Will someone find out the fact of my supporting?
If you want - send me a message.

How can i donate?

Now we have:
skype : mad___butcher
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New postby Cahsobo 12 Aug 2011, 09:21

Will you accept donation via paypal?
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