[ERROR] Cannot start NewServer.exe

[ERROR] Cannot start NewServer.exe

New postby pftmclub 21 Mar 2012, 16:58

Hi every one, first time im using ENglish and my english is very bad. So dont blame me about my english.

Today i open newServer.exe to create my own server, but the error messeage show up:
"this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application my fix the problem"

What the hell is this? im already install microsoft visual c++ 2010 and window installer 4.5 , it's not working /

How can i fix this? Anybody know?
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Re: [ERROR] Cannot start NewServer.exe

New postby Def 21 Mar 2012, 22:01

you need vcredist complect, im not sure about just visual c++, also it may be vcredist 2005 or 2008, not 2010...
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