b0ny, about your tools :|

b0ny, about your tools :|

New postby WAZAAAAA 26 Jun 2014, 16:32

All the excellent tools you make to decrypt game files disappear because you upload them to shit services such as rghost.ru and radikal.ru. 404 and 503 errors at every link. It's a real shame.

My request is: can you create a big zip/7z archive containing all tools and upload it here? I'm talking about stuff like:
doa2u-doax xpr joiner v11.py / doa2u/doax xpr joiner version 1.1
The DoA2U to DoAOL model converter?
Tool to modify bin files?

and there are probably more. In my case, the only tool I could miraculously backup was bgm2ogg/ogg2bgm.

Consider using better alternatives, like for file hosting:
mega.co.nz (for all sizes, no account, files forever, but incompatible with some browsers)
and image hosting:
mediacru.sh (no account infinite duration)
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Re: b0ny, about your tools :|

New postby leidoa 26 Jun 2014, 18:14

yap i want that too :)
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